Enhanced in speed, performance, and riding mechanics, KOMAKI® TN-95 a Performance vehicle is designed to give you an electrifying trip every time you ride. Riders are warned, the thrill is seriously addictive.



The New MX-3 is Great to ride. Comfortable, Ultra smooth.
Unbelievably nimble. Infinitely more refined. This is riding on an entirely new level.


Effortlessly Smooth

Power Equivalent of a 125cc Class

Equipped with the same powertrain performance to 125cc class, KOMAKI SE is genetically wired to a more efficient roaming

Superior Suspensions

A pair of thicker, more robust front-rear suspensions, coupled with custom dampening controls, provide the comfort in speed so you can take on anything.

Free The Limitation

Better motor output for you to break the boundaries. Turn it up, speed it up, gain more while you go further.

Double Disc Brake System*

Also found in heavy-duty motorcycles, the Double Disc brake system moni- tors the front and rear wheel at a frequency of 200 times per second to prevent an imminent
wheel lock.